Sarah Goslee Reed,
It's About Time
(independent, 2009)

Sarah Gosleee Reed dedicates this CD to her father, George F. Gosleee, who played bassoon in the Cleveland Orchestra. Her mother played the cello and string bass, and Reed's first instrument was the violin. The point? Classical music influenced her and surrounded her when she was growing up -- she still plays violin in a local county symphony.

Folk music, then, is her second love, one that was born during the folk boom of the 1960s. Drawing on her knowledge of the violin, she taught herself guitar and began writing folky stuff. It's About Time is folk music; very quiet, calm, dispassionate folk music, as played by a classically trained artist.

The songs celebrate down home living, the suburbs of "White Picket Fences," the moments "When the Children Come Home" and "Fireflies." They are nice songs, nice in every way, polite songs that clear their throats trying to get your attention instead of shouting at you. If Reed feels passionate about this music, it doesn't show in her performance. Mostly ballads, the songs settle into the background. They're good but in a never-insisting way.

This is music to listen to while you're watching the sun set with a friend, a glass of wine in your hand, planning what you're going to make for dinner.

review by
Michael Scott Cain

24 October 2009

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