Katya Reimann,
The Tielmaran Chronicles: Book 1,
Wind from a Foreign Sky

(Tor, 1997)

Katya Reimann's debut novel, Wind from a Foreign Sky, is surprising in its thorough world-building and exciting (and even) pace. The well-developed religion and geography are fascinatingly different; equally interesting is the system of magic used consistently throughout this first novel in The Tielmaran Chronicles.

Aside from an excellent background, there's also a fast-paced plot with plenty of suspense and surprises and some truly likeable characters. Gaultry's relationship with the male protagonist is one of the more intriguing I've run across -- NOT your usual sappy and predictable romance. And unlike most epic fantasies, Wind has a satisfactory conclusion, though a few strands are left dangling.

What else is there to say? If you like fantasy, try it! While I found the sequel to be a disappointment, Wind from a Foreign Sky is an excellent fantasy.

by Jennifer Mo
8 April 2006

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