Renee Harmon

Reviews by Renee include:

Lawrence Barker
Mother Feral's Love

Anita Bunkley
Between Goodbyes

Brandilyn Collins
Hidden Faces #2: Stain of Guilt

Kathryn Cushman
A Promise to Remember

Louis Haber
Black Pioneers of Science & Invention

Cynthia Highsmith-Hooks
The Soul of a Black Woman: From a Whisper to a Shout

J.E. Hopkins
Lover's Betrayal

Andrew Lanh
Caught Dead

Sheila Lowe
Written Off

Gina McCabe
What If I Tell?

Lisa Morton

Darden North
The Five Manners of Death

Lawrence Lee Rowe Jr.
Tempus Fugit

Larry Sager
No Guns, No Knives, No Personal Checks: The Tales of a San Francisco Cab Driver

Lorelei Shannon
Rags & Old Iron

Kory M. Shrum
Dying for a Living

Diane Weiner
Murder is Chartered