Anita Renfroe,
If It's Not One Thing,
It's Your Mother

(NavPress, 2006)

Anita Renfroe is part of what she calls a "Momwich" -- in her household are both her daughter (the bottom piece of bread) and her mother (the upper piece of bread), making her the "meaty filling." When she was younger, her mother was the "meaty filling," she was the "bottom slice," and her grandmother was the "upper slice." Living in these three-generation situations has given her a unique perspective on the relationships between mothers and daughters, and that is what she explores in If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother.

Renfroe takes a look at motherhood from all angles, beginning with the beginning -- pregnancy and labor. She discusses baby books and how you can tell what your mother's hopes were for you by what's in your baby book. She talks about why Moms have a constant need to feed their young (it makes you feel better, no matter what) and, perhaps most humorously, discusses the rules of motherhood as set forth by television moms like June Cleaver, Morticia Addams, Shirley Partridge and Carol Brady.

To be honest, I'd never heard of Renfroe before reading her book, but she is apparently a fairly well-known Christian speaker and comedienne. While this is a mostly breezy, funny discussion of what it is like to be both a mother and a daughter, Renfroe does occasionally get preachy. Still, it's a fun way to spend an hour or two, and maybe something to share with your own mother.

by Laurie Thayer
16 December 2006

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