Peter Roderick,
Araujo's Stone
(TurnKey Press, 2005)

Araujo's Stone is a novel with a difference. It is about the personal story of an immigrant, Araujo, who left the Island of Fogo in order to find work in America. The story starts with the death of Araujo and follows a family argument regarding his burial. As the plot unfolds, the reader can learn about Araujo's life and the views of his family members that are quite different from his.

It is interesting to see the conflict in view among the members of the same family. It is also interesting to learn about the different cultures of people in America.

The language is complex. Sentences are packed with adjectives, thus creating images that stand out in the readers' memory. However, there is some use of adult language that restricts the novel from being addressed to a wide audience. The colloquial language in the dialogue gives out an air of realism that reveals the status of the characters. The description of the characters is detailed, and the plot flows naturally through the flashback devices the author uses.

This novel caters to adult fiction lovers. It is very entertaining and adds a splash of cultural flavor to the mainstream novel.

Author Peter Roderick has written poetry, plays and social commentary. He lives with his family in Rhode Island.

review by
Liana Metal

19 January 2008

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