by Hans Rodionoff,
Keith Giffen, Enrique Breccia
(DC Comics, 2004)

A host of creepy crawlies make a feast of fragile psyches in this wonderful, beautifully written and illustrated tribute to America's master of the weird and creepy, H.P. Lovecraft.

This "may have been/could have been" pseudo-biography of Lovecraft provides deliciously horrid explanations for why the writer's life went the way it did. From his bizarre childhood -- in which his mother insisted on dressing him as a girl -- to the difficulties he had in maintaining personal relationships, authors Hans Rodionoff and Keith Giffen and artist Enrique Breccia unceasingly engage with words and pictures in this excellent example of what the graphic novel should be.

This is an astounding, if unsettling work. Readers of Jonathon Scott Fuqua's In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe will also enjoy this.

by Stephen Richmond
5 November 2005

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