The Incredible Journey
(self-produced, 2007)

Rosae is the combination of Eva and Enrico Rosa, and with a variety of recorders and guitars they create some wonderfully textured music. The Incredible Journey also gives a feel for what they are like live, as it was recorded as a live session.

The recorder sets the melody of "Nascita," and the guitar later branches off the theme and adds a wild energy to the piece. The guitar sets the mood of "Back in Time" -- the music is divided into a couple of very distinct images as the recorder keeps it rooted in the past. They return to "Boston" (a version of this song was on To the Old Friendship) and the themes of return and arrival remain.

"Classical Path" slips and slides from mode to mode, echoing various styles of classical music along the way. The music swirls and overlaps in "Italian Irish" with all the best joys of a large family gathering.

The call of the road and the outdoors is heard in "Open Doors," capturing the moment of promise before one begins. Jazz tints "Black Cats," bringing the music into the night, cool and suave.

The notes of "Danza Appassionata" start off slow and then build in tempo as the dancer falls into the music, though the contrast between the slower and the quicker can jar at moments. The guitar once again shapes the mood in "Night Vision," quietly giving form to the dreaming in the night. You can hear Enrico scat along with the music in "Rock Barock," it is part of what keep the piece playful. "The Incredible Journey" wraps things up with a short guitar solo, it is short and gone before you know it.

The music that Rosae creates on The Incredible Journey is an intriguing blend of moods and styles. As much as it changes from moment to moment, the pieces still all fit together, within the pieces and as a greater whole.

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review by
Paul de Bruijn

3 November 2007

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