A.J. Rosales,
(Novelty, 2005)

Resistor brings the many facets of A.J. Rosales into the light. This CD exhibits some of the great range that this musician is known for. It's a little dark in spots, but he draws us into his musical travels with the promise of a deep reward and overall doesn't fail to produce.

This CD brings you to a fullness of sound through his deep voice and singular guitar playing. I can't remember when I first heard Rosales, but the name remains in the psyche forever after you've heard him play.

On this CD, Rosales shows, without overt showmanship, that he can do almost anything he pleases. His musical journey has been a vast wide-open planet and he's left steps in the dust where no one's followed.

This brings me to list some favorites on this CD. The top two, "Prophecy" and "Disturbance Around Me," are good basic rock songs to listen to again and again. For a quiet spot, "Rare" and "Resistor" are soft and yet not anywhere near staid or calm. "Transistor" and "Wade" are far-reaching introspectives that move from alternative to jazz to the unfolding of more familiar acoustic sounds.

This CD offers a versatile Rosales, so you won't want to put this on and listen through if you're looking for just one of his styles. But you can take this and know what he's capable of and go looking for more of the same. Check out his website for the newest.

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review by
Virginia MacIsaac

1 November 2008

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