Clarelynn Rose,
Meadow Run
(Heartwood, 2004)

Can music make visualisations of nature? Based on this album, the answer is an emphatic yes. From the evocative titles, the beautiful CD packaging with its marvelous wildlife pictures to the tracks themselves, we are on a journey to the real land.

All tracks but one come from the composing talents of Clarelynn Rose and prove not only her love of nature but also her gift for helping us city dwellers experience the world in the wilds. "West Wind" is a particularly inviting track, as is the title track "Meadow Run." I also particularly liked the beautifully titled "Honey Song."

The one song not composed by this highly talented lady is "South Wind," but her playing makes it her own. The album closes with another of my favourites, "Jig for John."

There may not be instant hits or wide airplay for this album but anyone who loves good music should seek it out.

by Nicky Rossiter
24 September 2005

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