Stacie Rose,
Shadow & Splendor
(Enchanted, 2005)

The record label that released Stacie Rose's new album has a good name for the music. Shadow & Splendor, with 14 tracks, is certainly enchanting.

Rose has an excellent voice and a powerful delivery, and with the right airplay we will hear much more of this artist. From her opening track, "Consider Me," she has the listener hooked on the voice, the music and the content of the songs.

One of my personal favourites on here is "Disaster," a song about the reality and the mundaneness of real life that captures moments from most people's lives, and as such it works on many levels. "Could Be Smiling" is another thought-provoking track that makes you work a little as you listen.

Added bonuses for those playing the CD on a computer include an interview with Stacie and a video track.

These are the types of tracks that genuine music fans need and love. This is a great album that will lead on to even greater things.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 20 August 2005

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