Christine Rosholt,
Detour Ahead
(Idea Dog, 2006)

For those who love jazz standards of the 1930s and '40s, this self-produced album offers a treat.

Christine Rosholt combines a great voice, charming attitude and presence to breathe new life into a baker's dozen of old standards. She has an expressive, clear voice and a warm, engaging style. Even on a CD without seeing her on stage, you can tell she really enjoys singing.

She only started her career as a jazz vocalist in 2002 but brings two decades of performance experience to the stage, including theater and singing. A graduate of the Minneapolis Children's Theater Co. & School, she earned a BFA in performance art and photography at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Detour Ahead was nominated as best jazz recording of 2006 by the Minnesota Music Academy, and that should give some indication of its quality. The CD cover shows Rosholt in a perky cloche hat right in style with the music she sings. There may be nothing new in terms of the familiar music on this album -- featuring standards by the likes of Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer and Fats Waller -- but Christine Rosholt is sure to grab the listener's attention.

And, she has the backing of an excellent band: Jay Epstein on drums; Michael O'Brien, bass; Tanner Taylor, piano; Robert Everest, vocal and guitar; and Steve Roehm, vibraphone.

by John R. Lindermuth
3 February 2007

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