Tell Me Mister
(self-produced, 2002)

Tell Me Mister is one CD that every bluegrass or country fan should own. Roxeen is spectacular. She has a powerful voice with supreme quality from the lowest to the highest notes in her extensive range. Her talent for songwriting is only exceeded by her mastery of vocal artistry! She sings of things we have all experienced and seems to be putting our lives into musical form. It is easy to identify with her songs.

Tell Me Mister has been nominated for an ECMA in the category of Best Bluegrass Artist/Band for 2003. Roxeen has been accepted to play the bluegrass stage during the awards.

If you like Charlie McLain, you will like Roxeen. When this CD started playing, I could not believe the remarkable resemblance between Roxeen's voice and Charlie's. They are almost identical.

My favorite of these songs is "Breathe the Breath," a gospel song with tremendous backup that Roxeen penned on Easter of 1996. There is nothing quite like the bass singer echoing the lead in the down-home, old-time gospel songs. Roxeen and her band have mastered this art! I loved every song in this collection and thought they all should be hit singles. I honestly believe that with proper promotion in the U.S. Roxeen could be topping the charts.

"Lost to a Star" demonstrates exceptional fiddling and harmony at high speed. This is the buck dancer's dream and is perfect for any form of traveler dance, especially with the traditional dancer's ending. "Whisper to Me Wind" relates the feelings of the wife waiting at home for the wayward husband. The ending demonstrates how high Roxeen's voice can go. It will send chills up your spine. What a voice!

"Wildflower" is wicked cool! Roxeen incorporated pieces of "The Wildwood Flower" into the chorus for a lighthearted, fun effect. Unfortunately, this is a short song at just over a minute -- just enough to make you want more.

Gary Dalrymple is a gifted mandolin player. Repeatedly in these selections his playing leaps out from the rest and has an arresting effect. He makes you get still and focus on his playing. Also in the band are Todd Macumber (guitar and harmony vocals), Andrew Kent (fiddle, electric bass and harmony vocals) and Andrea Kent (recitation). Roxeen plays electric and stand-up bass.

This is the most impressive bluegrass CD I have heard in a long time. Roxeen will be one of my favorite bluegrass artists for years to come and I do hope her work catches on in the U.S. Buy this CD today. You will not be disappointed.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 1 March 2003

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