Brian Rudy & the Architects,
(Think Music Tank, 2013)

More than a decade has passed since Brian Rudy & the Architects produced their debut album, Divided. Toronto-based Rudy and his architects are back with a vengeance with the release of their new album, Museum.

Museum is worth the wait. The songs are rhythmically enjoyable, featuring a variety of instruments. Rudy sings lead with a ruddy (or perhaps "Rudy"), throaty tone to his voice, one that occasionally enters the falsetto range. During some tracks he is accompanied by the vocal harmonies of Lori Cullen and Kevin Stevens.

Perhaps one of the strengths of the album is how it varies in sound throughout. It's not an album where each song sounds the same. The ebbs and flows of the self-produced album are reflective of Rudy and his band mates' musical talents.

Museum is designed to be a concept album with a theme of the impact of humans on planet Earth. The lyrics highlight the complacent attitudes that humanity holds in regards to the environment.

The 10-track lineup begins with "Candide," in which Rudy allows his vocal abilities to shine, a precursor to the remainder of the album. A few tracks in is found the most whimsical piece of the album, "Dining Alone." The unconventional lyrics express the relationship of a man and woman through the awkwardness of a dinner menu.

The track lengths differ greatly -- from "Artifacts (JaquesintheBox)," a 2:36-minute instrumental track, to the 10:51-minute "Time Lines." "Time Lines" takes an unexpected drop into more of an electric sound in comparison to the rest of the album. The sound of this track bumps it out of the "folk" range and places it more in the "rock" genre.

Brian Rudy & the Architects' Museum is an exceptional piece of musicianship with relevant lyrics and engaging instrumentation. Reminiscent of a true museum, each song is a unique exhibit designed to capture the attention of all who visit.

music review by
Lindsey Blest

7 December 2013

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