Harvie S,
Cocolamus Bridge
(Blue Bamboo, 2010)

Harvie S has been around a long time, with a biography that includes work with many major jazz stars. But on this, his 13th disc as a leader, he does not show any sign of losing his creativity or freshness on eight varied tracks of five-and-a-half to eight minutes each.

The first track has standup bassist Harvie soloing on the traditional "Eili Gheal Chiuin," with a bit of over tracking. The next work, the title cut, brings in his band. Both are quiet, beautiful pieces. Four livelier cuts have a Latin beat, but in a jazz rather than a salsa style.

The songs are carefully arranged in flowing melodic style without falling into predictable formats. There is room allowed for solos, but they never overcome the structure of the compositions. Woody Witt stands out on his intricate tenor and soprano sax, especially his soprano on Wayne Shorter's "Night Dreamer," the only other cover besides the first Celtic song.

The other musicians are Chris Cortez on guitar, Jose Miguel Yamal on piano, Joel Fulgham on drums and James Metcalfe on percussion.

This CD does not fall into any standard jazz category, but instead stands out all over for its songwriting, production, playing and overall tastefulness.

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music review by
Dave Howell

13 November 2010

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