DJ Cheb i Sabbah,
As Far As: A DJ Mix
(Six Degrees, 2003)

As Far As is an exotic fusion of Indian, indigenous percussion and rock with snippets of world music tossed throughout. It is mixed or remixed by DJ Cheb i Sabbah. I loved it from beginning to end. This is the best thing ever to hit Indian music.

I absolutely loved "Colour Line." The message hits home and goes deep. The background music is great and well balanced with the vocals. I also really got into "Pour Matoub." The chanted vocals are so cool, creating a distinct atmosphere that the music drives home really well.

"Layoun Lokdhor" is the most audibly interesting of the entire collection. The layering, changeups, background vocals and changing instruments make this a selection that you can listen to many, many times and still discover new parts or sounds. It makes you want to get up and dance. That dancing fever carries right on through the next two selections and you will likely have trouble returning to your seat.

The best vocals in this collection belong to Makale during "Salla." It is one of the most pleasing selections here. But Natacha Atlas runs a close second with "Soleil d'Egypte."

This CD is one of the Six Degrees Travel Series, which is "particularly interested in genre-bending hybrids that include a variety of musical styles as well as a mix of the ancient and the modern." Six Degrees Records has definitely achieved its goal with this CD. If this is any indication of the quality of their Travel Series, it is a collection worth collecting.

The selections included are "Saptak, Samaya Mix" (Solace), "Miskatonic" (Najma), "Colour Line" (Asian Dub Foundation), "Agra, Emerald Mix" (Paul Horn), "Pour Matoub" (DJ Cheb i Sabbah), "Layoun Lokdhor" (Toires), "Soleil d'Egypte" (Natacha Atlas), "Salla" (Makale), "Lahillah Express" (Gnawa Impulse), "Have We Lost Our Dream" (Trilok Gurtu), "Sinikan" (Sekouba Bambino), "Ngihawukele Thonga Lami" (Sangoma, Suzan Hendricks & The Traditional Healers), "Neti-Neti, Hear and Now Remix" (Audio Letter) and "Hari Om Narayan" (DJ Cheb i Sabbah).

I am totally impressed with this CD and highly recommend it to all lovers of modern rock, world, Indian and just plain great music that defies categorization.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 27 March 2004

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