Sabrina & Craig,
One Home ... One Heart
(independent, 2010)

Not many musical duos begin at a business seminar.

But then, not many duos comprise a dog trainer-actress and an Olympic dive medalist, either. Add pleasant voices, strong guitar and skilled performances, and you have Sabrina Schneppat and Craig Lincoln with their debut album, One Home ... One Heart.

Sabrina is a singer, actress and, reportedly, one of the most sought-after dog trainers in Los Angeles. Craig won a bronze as a diver in the 1972 Olympics and a silver the same year in the Pan Am Games. And, yes, the two did meet at a business seminar.

That meeting led to a musical partnership and this album, featuring 11 tracks, seven of which were written by Craig. The other four are original compositions by Sabrina. The collection ranges from romantic ballads like the title track to humorous ditties such as "Cats & Dogs," and from the jazzy "Same Old Song & Dance" to "Mine All Mine," a paean reminiscent of the Beach Boys about a girl's desire for a particular car.

Craig has been playing guitar since his early teens and also put out a solo album, Cats & Dogs. Sabrina has been a featured soloist with a number of choirs, worked as a jazz soloist and had lead roles in musicals and plays. Together they have a chemistry guaranteed to provide hours of listening pleasure.

In addition to Craig on guitar and Sabrina playing ukulele, the couple is backed by Chad Watson, bass; Arthur Raymond, drums; Robbie Gillman, keyboard; Frank Marroco, accordion; Jessica Catron, cello; Luke Halpin, mandolin; and Adam Gilbert, recorder.

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music review by
John R. Lindermuth

24 July 2010

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