We Want You to Say
(Heads Up, 2005)

This is jazz at its best. From the opening chords of Sakesho's We Want You to Say, you can feel the enthusiasm and the love of the groove coming from this quartet.

The roots are distinctly planted in the warm sands on the Caribbean shores, but the sounds are international and will bring a warm glow to many in the cold winters of the north or the wet hinterlands of Ireland and beyond. The rhythms on offer range from biguine through mazurka and on to ska.

The latter style is epitomized on "Dance Ska La," with solos on piano and drums to mesmerize the listeners.

If you like your music cool, laidback and "chilled," this is the 2005 album for you. It will warm a winter night or cool a hot summer day to perfection.

by Nicky Rossiter
4 March 2006

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