Tommy Sands,
Let the Circle be Wide
(Appleseed, 2009)

Let the Circle be Wide is that magical mixture of good music well sung with historical titbits and fascinating background notes.

Tommy Sands starts as he means to continue with "Young Man's Dream." This is a lovely song made all the more interesting when we read in the notes -- all by Tommy -- that it is a recreation of the original "Danny Boy." He gives us seed, breed and generation of the opus.

Sometimes tribute songs can be maudlin and self-serving, but Sands avoids this very well on "The Song Sings On" as he recalls Tommy Makem in an upbeat celebration of the man and his influence on music. His tribute to his late brother Dino could serve as a lament for any deceased loved one with its beautiful sound and the title of "You Will Never Grow Old."

He seldom strays far from his native land and its past, and "The People Have Spoken" reminds us of the amazing similarity there is or was in the aspirations of the opposing sides with Lillybullero speaking of "The Day Will Be Ours" and the other slogan "Our Day Will Come." Moya takes a lead in the vocals of "A Stor Mo Croi" and shows that the family legacy is in safe hands and vocal chords.

Listening to this album, I am reminded of the degrees of separation and how people throughout the world are connected. Sands knew Father Mychal Judge, the first officially named casualty of 9/11, and he remembers that day in a song called "Time for Asking Why."

The CD closes with the title song as he reminds us of the joy and friendship engendered by a musical get-together.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

3 October 2009

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