Maggie Sansone,
Dance Upon the Shore
(Maggie's Music, 1994)

Maggie Sansone combines the unique talents of performer, teacher, author and producer of Celtic and early music and excels in each category. As founder and president of the Maggie's Music recording label, she has brought to the forefront a host of incredibly talented musicians including a number who often provide accompaniment on her own albums.

Maggie's hammered dulcimer predominates on this CD, her mallets flawlessly dancing upon the keys. But, as in other productions, her playing is enhanced by the accompaniment of other instruments.

The collection begins with a lively rendition of "Get Up Early," an Irish jig, backed by soprano sax, clarinet, alto flute and bass. This is followed by several dance tunes and the lovely "Skye Aire," a Scottish air from the Patrick McDonald Collection of Highland Aires (1784) on which she is accompanied by Bonnie Rideout on fiddle and Al Petteway on guitar.

Other offerings include reels, marches and the haunting "Burning of the Piper's Hut," which commemorates the harsh treatment of the clans after the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie when kilts were banned and pipers outlawed.

This album, which takes it title from a Yeats poem, is a valuable contribution to her repertoire of traditional music of Ireland and Scotland. It is tasteful, exquisitely performed and definitely a pleasure for the listener and it proves once more that Celtic music is not a fad but a rich and ever-growing tradition.

- Rambles
written by John R. Lindermuth
published 5 February 2005

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