Peter Scherr,
Son of August
(1 Hour, 2011)

I'm tempted to call this "stoner jazz." I have no idea if the musicians partake or not, but everything moves at a slow and stately pace. Peter Scherr plays both standup and electric bass, along with guitarists Brad Shepik and his brother Tony Scherr, Michael Blake on saxophones and Mike Sarin on drums.

Melodies weave in and out of these 10 tracks, eight originals and two covers of songs by the Kinks(!). There are a few tracks where the solos move at a brisk pace, like "Lucky 7," but even then Scherr anchors with a moderate rhythm.

These are moody, etheral pieces. Blake provides low, mellow sax tones while the electric guitars are toned down and low key, jazzy with little or no rock influence. There are a few times when the CD veers towards the abstract, but in general it sticks to its offbeat melodies. This is not an easy listening album, but one that is easy to listen to.

music review by
Dave Howell

30 April 2011

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