The Scoldees,
Nightcap World
(Off Hour Rockers, 2003)

Nightcap World is a nice collection of songs about everyday life and human emotions. It is sure to reach the majority of listeners with special meaning.

The Scoldees say their music "has been called everything from progressive to pop." I simply call it "soothing." The vocals are laid back and easy. Even the bawdiest is still soft. The supporting music and background vocals are wonderfully composed and executed.

I especially enjoyed the lyrics for "Just Like Rita." This song has interesting rhythm changeups and each instrument has at least a few bars of prominent showcasing. The beat is moderate, changing to slow and is a good one for solo dancing. Nancy Sirianni has a beautiful voice, though she tends to remain in the middle of the scale with few variations. It is difficult to judge whether she has range and control across the octaves, but she is wonderful with middle-of-the-road singing.

When Jack Hoffman takes the lead in "Nightcap World," he follows Nancy's style and remains in the middle-of-the-road. Again, it is difficult to judge if the singer has range and control across the octaves. Obviously, this is the style for which this band wants to be recognized. While I can find no fault with the vocals, I do enjoy a wider variety. However, this style of vocals does emphasize the music, which is totally arresting throughout this CD! The background vocals in "Figure It Out" and "Mama Was Right" are outstanding.

The Scoldees are Nancy Sirianni (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Jack Hoffman (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), JC (acoustic 12-string, background vocals, percussion) and Ted Rydzewski (bass, fretless bass, background vocals). They are joined on this CD by Jeff Pevar (lead, electric and lap steel guitars, dobro, mandolin), Steve Postell (lead and electric guitars), Richie Cannata and Mario Cruz (tenor saxophones), Jon Paris (harmonica), Eileen Sidor (vocals), John Michel (background vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion), Eric Udel (fretless bass), Mark Newman (lap steel and electric guitars), Dave Gammon (percussion), Ricky Vacca (harmonica), Peter Adams (keyboards) and Robin Macatangay (electric guitar).

The Scoldees' debut album was My Pathetic Life. Five of the tunes have been included in the soundtracks of movies.

Nightcap World is a collection of songs that you will greatly appreciate after a difficult day at work or a harsh drive through rush hour traffic. It soothes and relaxes.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 14 June 2003

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