Cavan Scott & Mark Wright,
Who-ology: The Official Miscellany
(Random House, 2013)

If you want insights into the genesis of Doctor Who, as well as details on the plots of the series and character development over the past 50 years, look elsewhere.

Who-ology, the official Doctor Who miscellany, is a trivia book. As such, it is full of lists, lovingly compiled from five decades of BBC-derived science fiction.

Do you want to know what abilities the Doctor has shown over the years? Or would you like to know how many episodes each of the Doctor's companions has appeared in? This book is for you. Interested in the first lines spoken by the Doctor's various key opponents? They're here. Curious what other notable Time Lords have shown up in the series, or who has served on the front lines of UNIT? Read on.

Look also for differences in the various TARDIS and sonic screwdriver configurations that have been used over the years, a series timeline and a visitor's guide to Gallifrey, plus much, much more.

Who-ology is great fun for the Doctor Who enthusiast. Not a really a book meant for sitting down and reading cover to cover, it is the perfect volume for, say, leaving in your bathroom to peruse whenever you have a few minutes to kill.

book review by
Tom Knapp

29 November 2014

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