Sean Simpson is a carbon-based lifeform whose species evolved on the third planet of a medium-sized yellow star in an arm of the spiral galaxy commonly referred to as the Milky Way. He exists on a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere and has an internally regulated body temperature, and his bloodstream uses iron molecules to carry oxygen to his cells using a compound called hemoglobin. He enjoys, in no particular order, the company of cats, sunsets, Hong Kong films, anime, science fiction, a broad range of music, anything written by Neil Gaiman and the occasional chance to get a full nights' sleep.

Stories by Sean include:

Rachel Bissex, Don't Look Down

Marilyn Harris, Between the Lines

Jed Marum, Streets of Fall River

Forrest McDonald, What's It Gonna Take?

W.C. Spencer, Bluescat

James A. Moore, Fireworks

The Crow, James O'Barr

The Flash: Born to Run, Mark Waid

The Flash: Terminal Velocity, Mark Waid

The Watchmen, Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons

Ghost in the Shell