Supergirl #3: Identity
by Joe Kelly, various artists (DC Comics, 2007)

Identity started off promisingly, especially in the wake of the muddled Candor that preceded it. Supergirl, still trying to find a place in her new world, tries unsuccessfully to create a secret identity in a local high school, seeks solace on the party scene but is interrupted by a rampaging monster and an annoyingly high-minded heroine and tries out for the Outsiders, a different sort of superhero team than she's used to. She dates a boy (gasp!) and battles it out with what may just be a superior version of herself.

But there are also Kryptonian spirits to contend with, as well as inconvenient possessions and inconsistent memories of her father and her purpose on Earth. Frankly, I'm a little tired of DC's new habit of revising and revising again the final days of Krypton; they need to pick a story and stick with it for a while.

Still, the Supergirl character is growing stronger and more defined as we go, so I have hopes that the big plan to eliminate the previous versions in favor of this one will play out well by the end. Still, they should probably lose the crystal barbs that pop out of Our Heroine at odd moments. It just doesn't fit with the character.

review by
Tom Knapp

1 March 2008

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