Sheree Morrow: Since I've never played a musical instrument and I can't sing a note, my criteria for what makes good music is simple. If I like the way it sounds -- it's good. This may make me less critical, since I wouldn't recognize a real mistake if I heard it. Or possibly I'm more critical because I don't realize something sounds bad on purpose. I'm not sure which is better.

I never listen to radio. So if someone asks if I've heard a particular song, I have to make an effort to find it first. While this may appear to narrow my perspective, it certainly has cut down on excessive spending since I no longer buy CDs for "that song on the radio." I pay attention to what other people listen to, I ask questions, I borrow CDs, I let other people drive. And I always let my kids play their music (which is much easier to take now that they are adults). There are some CDs I purchase without ever hearing a song. Some bands you can just count on. I always buy CDs of independent bands I like.

A website like Rambles.NET makes perfect sense to me. It's better to read what those who listen to the music have to say about it.

Although I'm not Texas born, I've lived here since I was about 2 years old. I'm married to my best friend and soulmate, and we have three children. We hope to retire soon and relocate to my husband's home state of Ohio, where we own land. I'm currently employed in the interior design industry, but I've worked at a variety of jobs from nurse's aid to bartender, brokerage house to law office. I like to sack my own groceries so I can practice the job I'll have when I'm 90!

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