Elaine Silver,
Faerie Goddess
(self-produced, 1997)

Just a few years ago, it seems, a pagan who wanted to find music specifically related to his or her religious tradition (rather than just generic folk music) had to settle for poorly recorded tapes or nothing at all. Now, even though making CDs is so much easier, it is still difficult to find well-done music in the pagan traditions. Elaine Silver is one of the artists who is stepping in to fill that void, and her CD Faerie Goddess is full of music that should appeal to practitioners of Goddess and/or Faerie traditions.

Silver has a clear, soaring voice that she uses to add mystery or fun to her songs as is appropriate. On some tracks she sings a cappella, on some she is accompanied by diverse instruments including guitar, accordion, hammered dulcimer, flute, concertina, whistles and different types of drums. On the tracks where there is a harmony line, she sings with herself, to more perfectly blend the harmony.

The CD begins with "Divine Emotion." The only instrument here is Silver's versatile voice. Other outstanding tracks include "Calling All Directions," which is essentially a praise of the four Elements and the Goddess above. "Don't You Know" is a rock-flavored quasi-rant about closed-mindedness and the unending love to be found by learning about one's self. "In Days Gone By" could be a children's song, with the spritely tune and whistle accompaniment. The final track on the CD, "By the Earth," employs a traditional circle closing. Here, Silver sings a round with herself, blending three different vocal recordings into one. It makes a very effective ending to the recording.

Faerie Goddess is at once praise, invocation and fun, which perfectly reflects the pagan approach to spiritual matters.

[ by Laurie Thayer ]

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