Lisa Simpson,
Steeping Orion
(independent, 2001)

This is Lisa's second album, following Taken Lightly. Steeping Orion has a folkier feel to it, and, when heard in the background, a general sound of deep protest, despite several of the 13 tracks having light or even lively accompaniment. Her lyrics are soul-searching, reminiscent and sometimes starkly poetical, and the basic sound of her guitar gives the folk feel.

She is ably joined by Brian Anderson on percussion, Ryan Hansen on bass and Noah Beck on lead guitar, with Eric Gilbert supplying backing vocals. Her own vocals are strong, and her voice has a good range that is seldom utilized; she tends to keep to the lower, darker tones.

It is not an album to lift your spirits, despite some bright instrumental breaks, and the overall somber feel did not appeal to me. Fans of her debut CD will doubtless disagree with me, and I think the artist has talent, but her style does not persuade me personally to seek out her other work.

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 12 February 2005