Darden Smith,
(Dualtone, 2004)

Austin-based Darden Smith offers a lovely collection of songs on Circo; they range through country, blues and various folk genres to create a musical experience.

The songs are gentle and sound very personal. The tracks come from his own pen, with occasional collaboration, and using a minimum of backing he gives us a rare glimpse into modern life.

I particularly enjoyed the use of accordion on "One Hundred Ways." The story quality on "Late Train to London" attracted my attention and held me to the final line, while my favourite track is "God Loves a River."

As is too often the case, I found that although his delivery is excellent the inclusion of the lyrics on the insert could have deepened the experience. Still, Darden Smith is a voice and a writer to watch.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 30 October 2004

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