Cecilia Smith,
Dark Triumph: The Life of Victoria Lancaster Smith
(Northcountry, 2006)

Dark Triumph: The Life of Victoria Lancaster Smith is a fascinating double album.

It is a story told with musical accompaniment much in the vein of a radio documentary. Using narration and specially composed music, the unique story of this Victoria Smith unfolds. She is one of the unsung heroines of the United States. She worked as a nurse and a volunteer with the Peace Corps.

The album is also a record and an affirmation of what it once meant to be black and American. As such, it is a social history of the land and the people as told by Cecilia Smith.

The track listing will give you an idea of the content, from "Seated by Color" through "Grief & Disasters" to "Africa Remembered." This is an innovative way of telling a life story and is well worth seeking out.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

26 April 2008

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