Edward Shearmur,
(Universal Classics, 2001)

K-Pax glitters, sparkles and shines -- an out-of-this-world musical experience! If you close your eyes, you'll swear you can see stars twinkling brightly in the never-ending expanse of a night sky.

This original motion picture score comes in the form of a soundtrack, but underneath, it's a mesmerizing, new-age, Robert Miles-ish disc. Those of you who are familiar with the movie starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges, know that K-Pax is a place, another planet far from our own. This powerful musical score also takes your mind away, to a place, far from our own. A very soothing and effective transportation, when you need to get away from earth for a while.

Each and every track on this disk twinkles magic and sings of an unearthly fascination. This is my first out-of-body experience with Edward Shearmur, but I'm hooked. If the music on K-Pax is anything like this soundtrack, it's a place I want to visit again, and again and again.

[ by Lynne Remick ]
Rambles: 6 April 2002

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