Sojourn: From the Ashes
by Ron Marz, Greg
Land, Drew Geraci
(CrossGen, 2002)

An epic is defined, in part, by Webster's as "having the nature of an epic; specifically, a) heroic; grand; majestic; imposing." The first Sojourn trade paperback collection, released by CrossGeneration Comics, is all of these.

The still-young CrossGen is no stranger to success in the comic market, and with this contribution, reprinting the first seven issues by writer Ron Marz and artists Greg Land and Drew Geraci, continues the tradition of offering quality comic material in a market starving for such fare.

The villainous warlord Mordath is resurrected 300 years after nearly conquering the world of Quin. Now, his evil is once again spread across the planet by his brutish troll armies, but without the help of Ayden, the savior who first halted his advance and is nowhere to be found. Now, two lone warriors seek to stem Mordath's malevolent tide of destruction, aided by a mysterious woman, who imparts to them a mission: summon Ayden once again, that Mordath may be defeated.

A fairly straightforward story, but with an uncommonly heroic protagonist; Arwyn, who lost her husband and child to Mordath's reign of terror, now seeks revenge. Her quest, however, begins to pose certain questions about her motivation, and who she is, after all she loves has been stripped away.

Kudos to Marz, who accomplishes Arwyn's engaging character, as well as the especially disturbing presence of Mordath.

Land's pencils, along with Geraci's ink work provide the breathtaking visuals that help lend the term "epic" to the product. From the imposing heroic nature of Ayden, to the incredibly simulated chaos and horror of the battle scenes, the wonder of this story is accomplished due, in no small part, to the work of these two men.

Sojourn is recommended for those who enjoy epic storytelling, and beautiful artwork.

[ by Mark Allen ]
Rambles: 30 November 2002

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