Special Delivery,
directed by Mark Jean
(Fox Family, 2000)

No matter how bad your holidays are, they could always be worse. You could have a visitor like the family in Special Delivery, a comedy that will make you feel good about your own situation.

Lloyd Stedman (Andy Dick) is the only available person at the Little Wings Adoption Agency to pick up a foreign baby at the airport, process the paperwork through immigration and fly the baby to the Beck family in Connecticut, just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately for all concerned, Lloyd is a major screwup and klutz. His boss wastes the breath to warn him not to screw this up.

Lloyd gets the baby and stops at a newsstand for medicine. A little girl has a doll in a baby carrier identical to the one that Lloyd is carrying with the Beck baby. She puts her carrier by the newsstand and Lloyd grabs the wrong carrier, then flies to Bridgeport, Conn.

Lloyd discovers the mistake after the plane takes off and calls the agency with the news. They find the baby, which is being placed in quarantine until Lloyd faxes the baby's medical records. With no return flight until morning, Lloyd is stuck in Connecticut. The Becks' daughter, Samantha (Jodelle Ferland), forces them to let Lloyd stay at their house. For Jack Beck (David Lewis), this is a Christmas nightmare. But then Samantha decides that they should adopt Lloyd and keep him forever, just like they did Buster the dog.

Special Delivery will make you laugh out loud. You will not out-think the savvy writers of this tale of woe. It will take you by surprise. You have never sent the birth of Jesus interpreted quite like it is in the Becks' church this year. I enjoyed this movie too much. I do not want to reveal too much about the plot, but this is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat or rolling with laughter.

The acting is wonderful and the writing is out of this world. There are no special effects or extravagant sets, but this is one movie that did not need either.

Special Delivery is a must-see Christmas comedy. I wonder if there was a sharp decline in adoptions after this movie was released.

review by
Alicia Karen Elkins

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