Wen Spencer,
(Baen, 2003)

Tinker, a genius-level salvage yard owner and inventor, is just minding her business when she sees an elf attacked. Unhesitatingly, she helps him out.

Next thing she knows, she's dragged to Elfhaim, the part of Philadelphia that is a slice into another world due to a Chinese gate malfunction.

Worse still, she discovers she's now married to the elf she saved, an outcome she never expected.

Wen Spencer's world of a not-so-distant Philadelphia, changed both by technology and by an invasion of elves, is both engaging and intriguing. Spencer weaves a fine tale with Tinker and the assorted supporting cast of humans, halflings and elves.

She's definitely an author to read, whether in this world or the one she created for Ukiah Oregon in Alien Taste.

review by
Becky Kyle

19 April 2008

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