Skyla Spencer,
You Said You'd Call Me
(B. McMusic, 2005)

Skyla Spencer is a young singer-songwriter from West Virginia. She grew up in a family steeped in country music, and so it was no surprise when she decided to maker a career out of it for herself.

You Said You'd Call Me is her debut album. A collection of 11 original songs, the album is very much in the contemporary/popular country vein. The opening, title track sets the tone: an uptempo affair is ushered in by some very nice fiddle and slide guitar. A rebuke to an errant lover, the song suits Skyla's singing voice perfectly. With an occasional veer into the familiar vocal style of one of Skyla's influences -- Shania Twain -- the song is real single material, and like much of the album, real good-time party music.

Things get much more serious on "If I Were Rain," a song that was featured in a 9/11 documentary, Moving On from 9/11. The song opens: "Woke up this morning / Put the coffee on / I read the morning paper / There's so much going on / In this crazy world we live in / It scary sometimes / I'm afraid for my children."

"Why Do You Do This to Me" is possibly the best song here. A heartfelt plea to an old flame, the pace is spot-on and Skyla's voice is at its best with this kind of material.

Overall, You Said You'd Call Me is a great record for dancing to and partying with. Skyla has a very commercial sound and should be one to watch in the contemporary country stakes!

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review by
Sean Walsh

19 January 2008

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