Amilia K. Spicer,
(Free Range, 2003)

I have to admit that Amilia Spicer is an artist who kind of grew on me after several listens. Her second CD, Seamless, contains a variety of original songs that range from intimate to playful.

Amilia's strength is her ability to write beautiful, poetic, sensual and sometimes playful lyrics, and combine them with a nice variety of melodies. Not a bad effort from a woman who moved to Los Angeles with the intension of becoming a filmmaker. Her sensuous and sometimes husky-sounding voice at times draws comparisons to Stevie Nicks. Her instrument of choice is a keyboard.

Seamless opens with the title track, which combines somewhat ethereal lyrics and melody. "Wide World" is another good example of good lyrics combined with a folk-pop type melody. "Falling in" and "Little Cowboy" both take on a country flavor. We can assume that "Route 15" is a look back at her life growing up in rural Pennsylvania. "Wasted" and "4:08" are two of the CD's more rockabilly or swing-oriented songs. One of the best tracks is "Tangerey," which combines beautiful poetic lyrics and a strong melody.

Seamless seems to get better with time. Amilia Spicer is a talented songwriter who gives us a good mixture of folk, pop, blues and a little country -- combined with a voice that fits nicely with her music. The combination makes this an enjoyable CD.

- Rambles
written by Dave Townsend
published 17 October 2004

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