Laura Spinella,
Perfect Timing
(Berkley Publishing, 2013)

Laura Spinella's Perfect Timing tells the story of Isabel Lang and Aidan Roycroft, childhood friends whose timid and unspoken feelings for each other get thrown into the spotlight, much like Aidan himself, because of an unexpected trauma that barrels into their lives. Luckily, Isabel and Aidan share something that most dynamic couples don't: a friendship. Their time as friends is much longer than their time as lovers, and it enables them to selflessly care for one another. In the slew of romance novels, this one stands apart by finding the true basis for love, which is friendship and loyalty.

Family baggage and tragic circumstance bring Aidan and Isabel to the beginning of their lives as they know it. The story of a rockstar with a conscience and a woman with unending patience rang farfetched at times, but the conflict of miscommunication and self-sacrifice brought the unorthodox fairytale back to reality. Timing is everything with this tumultuous two-some, reminding us that when our lives take a sudden turn, it always seems to be at the most inopportune moment, but it's usually right where it needs to be.

We can all see a little of ourselves in Aidan and Isabel. Isabel's pension for privacy, keeping the secret that she once dated one of the most famous men in the world, and Aidan's plight to always do the right thing, selflessly letting go of his best friend and counterpart. Spinella's in-depth character development brings fiction to life and allows us to reach out and touch these two, as we root for an epic reunion. Aidan's serpent tattoo jumps off of the pages, and takes hold of us, with the same unyielding power that keeps him and Isabel forever linked.

Spinella presents us a relatively easy read, with serious sizzle, that stops time and keeps readers flipping the page. Yes, the plot is unlikely, but the characters hold their own and express a devotion for one another that makes our hearts beat faster. With warmer weather on its way, Perfect Timing makes for a great read that is sure to get the blood moving.

book review by
Gwennevere Dudley

22 March 2014

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