Devon Sproule,
Keep Your Silver Shined
(Waterbug, 2007)

Every so often a CD comes along that is just thoroughly delightful in every way. I first heard Devon Sproule on our local NPR station and thought, "Gee, I really like this song, I wonder who she is?" Keep Your Silver Shined answered my question at last.

Keep Your Silver Shined is a great collection of original and one traditional song by a very talented singer-songwriter from Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. Sproule is part of a group of young musicians whose music has heavy traditional influences, but employs a more contemporary sound by combining Appalachian, folk and jazz influences. She describes her musical influences as 1950s doo-wop, '60s Canadian folk and the Beatles. Her songwriting style combines the thoughtfulness of a Joni Mitchell with the traditional elements of a Gillian Welch.

Her songs have a beautiful, sweet, timeless quality to them. Many of them make thoughtful references to an enjoyable life in rural Virginia.

"Old Virginia Block" has a wonderful old-time, front-porch feel to it. "Keep Your Silver Shined" is a beautiful look at life in rural Virginia. "Let's Go Out," with its jazz-inflected melody, is a whimsical look at a couple reflecting on parts of their relationship. In a similar vein is "Eloise & Alex," a duet with her husband and fellow musician, Paul Curreri.

"Does the Day Feel Long?" is Sproule reflecting on her childhood growing up on a '60s-style commune in Virginia with her hippie parents. The CD closes with a beautiful cover of "The Weeping Willow," which includes a guest appearance by fellow Virginia native, Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Devon Sproule is a very talented singer-songwriter, and Keep Your Silver Shined is full of wonderful music for anyone who enjoys folk music with a little of that old-time Appalachian and jazz sound.

review by
Dave Townsend

8 December 2007

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