Christopher Stires,
Rebel Nation
(Zumaya, 2005)

Rebel Nation is set on an alternate Earth on which the South succeeded with its play to separate from the Union and become its own country. Now in the present, as the Confederate States deal with a turbulent time of political change and a possibly brighter future for their minorities, news reporter McKenna Alexander must deal with the fact that her ex-husband is rumored to have been the one who put the $5 million hit on a recently released civil rights activist. Would even Cullen sink to such depths, or is someone else using him to further a hidden agenda?

This novel is totally fascinating. If you've ever even considered reading alternate history, this book is for you! Christopher Stires demonstrates a wonderful attention to detail through his world building here. There's great suspense, awesome prose and plenty of hair-raising excitement to boot! The characters are well developed from all sides, with plenty of insights for a nice 360-degree view of the action. Intrigue, love, murder, hate, misguided manipulations, sacrifice -- this one has it all!

review by
Gloria Oliver

19 January 2008

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