Sandor Szabo & Kevin Kastning,
Parallel Crossings
(Greydisc, 2008)

Parallel Crossings has 13 duets by Sandor Szabo and Kevin Kastning, both of whom play 6- and 12-string baritone guitars. Kastning developed the instrument with Santa Cruz Guitars.

These ambient duets are difficult to classify. They do not fit easily into either folk or jazz. They have an ethereal, avant-garde feel. The titles of the pieces indicate this. They include "Cartesian Vector," "First Pleochroism" and "Aeshna Cyanea." The improvisations are not completely "free." Each piece has melodies, but it is as if they are crossing over from a parallel universe.

Sometimes there is a sense of foreboding, since you cannot pin down where the music is coming from, or where it is going. On the other hand, it is sometimes soothing, since Szabo and Kastning perfectly complement each other, and the playing is always on an even keel. There are also moments of otherworldly beauty on this CD that lasts nearly an hour.

This is highly recommended for those who like acoustic guitar music that is far from ordinary.

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review by
Dave Howell

24 January 2009

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