Tales of the Terminal Diner
by various writers & artists
(Sonic, 2003)

Tales of the Terminal Diner is an anthology of tales told over coffee at a restaurant located at the corner of Unreal and Real. You are as likely to buy a doughnut as an order of barbecued dragon wings.

These pithy stories cover the gamut of literary genres and styles of art, and more than one is likely to be your cup of tea. None will offend anyone but the weakest of hearts. The only disappointment is that the diner doesn't feature an All You Can Read buffet.

Terminal Diner features the work of professionals including Michael T. Gilbert, Don Lomax, Steve Skeates and Fred Hembeck, as well as the last story written and drawn by Oklahoma Cartoonists Museum associate, Richard "Grass" Green.

by Michael Vance
1 July 2006

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