Tango Negro Trio,
Tango Negro Trio
(Felmay/Dunya, 2005)

Tango is more than a dance. It is a genre of music centered around Buenos Aires, Argentina, largely imported by maritime trade, that originated sometime near the end of the 19th century.

Named after a famous tango song, this trio is a project of Juan Carlos Caceres that moves tango forward by exploring its history. Tango will be at least somewhat familiar to most Westerners with its relaxed elegance, which lets you picture well-dressed couples dancing to it. Perhaps the most recognizable element is the bandoneon, an instrument something like an accordion, played here by guest artist Daniel Binelli.

Caceres plays piano, trombone on one cut, and sings. He did not begin singing until he was over 50, and he sounds like it, but you soon become accustomed to his rough vocals. He does not try to overwhelm with his piano playing, although he proves he is accomplished by his piano solo on the 14th and last track, "La Retirda."

Caceres captures the mood and atmosphere of tango. Carlos Buschini on bass, Marcelo Russilo on drums and other guest percussionists keep a pronounced rhythm. Still, there is a melancholy feel to many of the songs. Although none of the lyrics are in English, Caceres is obviously telling many stories as he sings.

This is a fine CD for both new and established listeners of tango.

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review by
Dave Howell

20 September 2008

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