Tango Siempre,
Tango Siempre
(ARC, 2010)

Even if you don't care to dance, there are myriad reasons you might want to play this CD.

For example, studies have shown the tango is helpful in inspiring a relaxed mood and may help ease depression. There's also evidence it stimulates testosterone levels and thus may make a person sexier.

If that isn't enough to inspire you, just listen to the music. These are seasoned musicians who offer a beautiful and diverse program with all styles of tango, from the traditional to the nueva style. Close your eyes and listen as Tango Siempre transports you from Paris in the 1930s to pre-Castro Cuba, through the seasons in Argentina and around the world to upscale salons in Britain.

There are tracks like "Payadora" and the sultry "Silueta Portena" to please the traditionalist, heart-wrenchers like the sonorous "Basslineloss" and jazz-drenched examples like "Peace" for the modernist.

Tango Siempre is a quartet that has gained a solid reputation since its formation in 1998. Members of the group are Jonathan Taylor, piano, who has recorded several CDs and worked leading jazz artists; Kylie Davies, double bass, a classically trained musician who performs regularly with several ensembles; Ros Stephen, violin, who also performs with orchestras and chamber ensembles; and Pete Rosser, accordion and composition, who originally trained in piano, took up accordion at 21 and works extensively in theater, dance and community arts, composing for choirs, brass bands and jazz ensembles.

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music review by
John R. Lindermuth

17 September 2011

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