Sally H.Taylor,
The Magic in You!
(Outskirtspress, 2007)

Sally H.Taylor,
The Most Valuable Treasure
(Outskirtspress, 2008)

Sally H. Taylor's first book, The Magic in You!, was nominated for the 2007 EVVY Awards. Taylor is a very talented author who provides illustrations for her own books, as well as books by other authors.

The Magic in You is a tender story about a flower that is wounded and unhappy. By the end of the story, the little flower has been transformed into a happy flower that enjoys life and is full of love for the others. The process he has been through in this story taught him to learn to forgive and love everyone even those who have harmed him. It is a beautiful uplifting story that can help anyone who has got low self-esteem and feels that their life has ended. The illustrations are marvelous, proving Taylor to be equally gifted as both artist and author.

Her second book, The Most Valuable Treasure, is a story about a small community where an old lady lives hidden from the others. That lady thinks she cannot be loved, so the fear of being rejected makes her feel depressed and lonely.

But one day something happens, and the old lady's life is transformed for good. She learns that she can help others and feel happy, she shares her riches with the people of the community and, eventually, her fear of the others gets dispersed. At the end of the story everyone is happy. The wonderful illustrations are also a big asset for this story, too.

Both books cater to all the family, both kids and adults. They are definitely a beautiful and meaningful gift for everyone as the message they bring out is both positive and helpful.

book review by
Liana Metal

7 August 2010

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