Hayley Taylor,
(independent, 2006)

Hayley Taylor is a name that should start appearing soon on the rock/pop charts. In her independently-produced EP Waking she proves herself to be in the company of such folk/pop singer-songwriters as Fiona Apple, Joan Osborne and Sarah MacLaughlin. Taylor seems to have Apple's sensibilities, a similar voice and vocal range as Osborne, and lyrics as folky sweet and heartfelt as MacLauglin's.

Although all of the tracks were written by Taylor, a few tracks seem very familiar. Perhaps it's just the hallmark of good songwriting. The opening guitar of "This is It" calls to mind early Beatles tunes and is probably the catchiest song on the album. "Angel Fallen" and "What I Never Said" are given a distinctly country and wistful feel with the help of Josh Grange on the pedal steel. All in all this is an enjoyable and pleasant album.

Unfortunately, being only a 20-minute EP, it all ends a bit too soon and leaves more to be desired -- perhaps the perfect thing for a first album.

It's a wonder Taylor hasn't wakened into the scene earlier. The album has yet to have been picked up by any labels or distribution companies and I cannot help but wonder why. Any interested in hearing her music best better check out her website. It is well worth the time.

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review by
Kevin Shlosberg

3 November 2007

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