Karen Taylor-Good,
How Many Women
(Insight, 2006)

From the liner notes it appears that Karen Taylor-Good has been writing her songs for a while and waiting for others to pick them up and carry them forward. Now she has taken the plunge and produced an album of her work and I say -- it's about time.

Taylor-Good has a wonderful voice that brings her lyrics to life. The lyrics are well crafted and are used to express the sentiments of all our lives.

From "Hooked on You" through the lovely "Oh Guinevere" to the final "One Mile Apart" in Spanish (after the English version), she holds the listener in the palm of her hand. She is far from precious about her writing and is not afraid to write the quirky lyrics like those on "God's Refrigerator," in which she gives the "God sees and loves all" message a new twist.

Given enough airplay, her "If You Do" could become a standard at weddings in the new century. One of my favourite songs on this CD is "Love is a Verb." Just that title should sell the song and the sentiment.

I know this singer-songwriter is in a full and filling profession, but on this outing I also see her capable of succeeding as writer and/or performer. (Perhaps next time include the lyrics on the insert, Karen; your diction is excellent but sometimes we like to read along.)

by Nicky Rossiter
17 February 2007

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