Tendencia Positiva (T+),
International AXE Dance Remixes
(Zumbi Vision, 1999)

There's apparently history to this album. T+ discovered that many DJs and house bands were re-mixing T+ music, and they either didn't like the remixes or thought they could do a better job. Hence, this album was born.

However, I have a different theory. They didn't have any other ideas, and thought to capitalize on an already bad idea. I haven't heard the other T+ remixes, so I can't vouch on the job the other DJs might have done. However, I postulate that it must have been a lot better than what T+ did. T+ simply added more loops and extended the time on their original songs.

The first track, "Liberdade Trance Dance" (which is a remix of their original song, "Freedom"), is a prime example. I've heard and danced to many trance dances, which, in truth, are simply repeated loops of very rhythmic music allowing the dancer to enter into a trance-like state: drumming, chanting and various other techniques help to induce trance. But the only thing "Liberdade Trance Dance" induces is a headache. It's five minutes of the same woman repeating her non-changing verse of "Freedom," and an "oil drum" beat insisting that it is the crux of the music.

Track two, "ExtendeDreaming Super Axe Remix," comes closer to an actual trance dance than "Liberdade Trance Dance." While the track is two minutes longer than the first track, it's certainly nowhere near as obnoxious.

As dance remixes go, this album is boring. The same repetitive beat does not allow for freedom of movement that I would come to expect, unless I was dancing in one place just tapping my foot to the beat of the music. There is no change, there is no dynamic to the remixes. They are simply longer, extended versions of the original.

[ by Jade Falcon ]