Tendencia Positiva (T+),
It's an International Thing
(Zumbi Vision, 1998)

Tendencia Positiva (T+) is a Latin American band specializing in techno dance music with reggae overtones. However, their music is little more than just a loop of techno music played over and over and over again.

For instance, the third track, "Arte de Viver," starts off with an annoying repeat of an oil drum beat. A women comes in singing a non-changing verse of "Freedom" over and over again. The oil drum beat continues on and on, overriding whatever words, verse or other instruments might be trying to interject into the song. By the end, I was ready to kill the drummer who was insisting that his beat be the major crux of the song and strangle the woman who could only sing "Freedom" repeatedly.

However, their fourth song, "Warrio's Dance" (or perhaps "Warrior's Dance," depending on the accuracy of the home-made CD cover), starts out promising with a melodic rhythm and varying tones, the reggae sounds do well in the song. This particular track also uses a similar "oil drum" beat as in the third track, but it is less obnoxious and lets itself blend into the rest of the song.

But the rest of the album is disappointing. As listening music, this album leaves a little to be desired. And to dance to? Well, as a dancer, I'd find myself bored with the repeated and unchanging beat.

The artists of this band seem to believe that the technology of music should override the actual music endeavour. The repeating riffs, verses with little or no change of intonation, and endless loops of the same four notes over and over again, left me wanting to find a bit of actual music to wash out the bad notes dangling to my poor ear drums.

[ by Jade Falcon ]