Terre Differenti,
Cities of Dreams
(Opensound, 2005)

Terre Differenti is an Italian world fusion music project headed by keyboardist and programmer Fabio Armani. It mixes world, jazz, electronic and progressive rock.

The major influence is Middle Eastern. The songs are anchored by percussion, some played by Alessandro D'Aloia, and some electronically generated by Armani. Armani's keyboards, particularly synthesisizer, are also a key element of the sound.

The new age influence leads the first track, "Different Lands," as Elisabetta Antonini's whispered voice comes in with, "Once again, I have traveled of different lands/distant/lost beyond my sight/My skin so different/My hands like black dust," over Marco Conti's saxophone. The second track, "God of Thunder," combines saxophone with a thumb piano and African percussion. The sax gets a bit "out" as the song builds, before it falls into just percussion and chanting.

In "Kam ma Kam" guest Houcine Ata joins Antonini's vocals with Arabic singing (Antonini sings in English throughout most of the CD). "Flower of Sorrow" is a quieter song, featuring Miguel Fernandez's acoustic guitar and Conti's sax. Guest Carlo Cossu adds a bit of gypsy influence with his violin.

"Under Moons of Jade" contains Antonini's over-tracked singing with a guitar that sounds like a sitar and percussion, and guest Antonio Addamiano on native flutes. "Jaded Moons" contrasts Conti's hard bop sax with a combination of smooth synth background and percussion, and Antonini's minor key singing. "Splinters of Reality" is progressive rock, with Fernandez playing electric guitar backed by Armani's synths.

Both Antonini's English and singing are perfect, adding a unique element to the sound. The CD explores many different styles, with some parts even reminiscent of Page/Plant's world music explorations.

This CD might be a shade overproduced, and the lyrics are occasionally a little too flowery and new age. Other than that, with its many different moods and influences, it is a welcome addition to the world fusion genre.

- Rambles
written by Dave Howell
published 20 August 2005

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