Terre Differenti,
Terre Differenti
(Different Lands, 2000)

If only one word could be used to describe this disc, it would be "incredible." This is a rich new ground of musical fertility that Italian composer Fabio Armani is exploring. The diversity, which has been brought together in such complete and total harmonic pleasure on this disc, is almost mystifying in the sum of all its parts. There's everything from jazz riffs to elegant and spiritual oriental pieces, all blended in a disc that is not only memorable, but a real "trip."

There are almost as many meanings for the title of the disc as there are musical backgrounds taking part in the project. Whichever way you choose to take it, this is a journey to a strange yet very intriguing and beautiful new land, filled with so much possibility it is fairly dripping from each and every note.

Terre Differenti is Fabio Armani (keyboards, samplers, electronic percussion, programming), Alessandro D'Aloia (drums, percussion) and Francisco Miceli (classic, acoustic, electric and synth guitars, sarod, sax, sentir, shabar). Also there are guest appearances by Antonio Addamiano, Marco Conti, Claudio Rosati, Yazemin Sannino, Doris Levin and Saleh Tawil. All this combined talent has led to a unique masterpiece that is almost impossible to classify -- world fusion would have to be where I stop the wheel.

"Venti Notturino," or Night Winds, is an incredible listening experience. The wind wails down, almost like the scree of the subway coming to a stop. It is a very short track, but it really stood out for me. I love the wind, and this track opened the imagination and brought to mind warm caressing winds and a distant desert land. This segued right into "La leggenda del vento," or "Legend of the Wind," a rhythmic, flowing track filled with sensory delights as the music conveys the tale.

"Il tempo del sogno," which translates to "Dream Time," opens with some haunting "voice atmospheres" by Yazemin Sannino. Joined with electronics and gongs, this provides a heady and fertile basis for letting one's conscious slip away and allowing the imagination to soar upon a magic carpet made up of rich, vibrant sound.

This disc is a project of monumental undertaking, but worth all the time, heart and soul that was put in by all involved. This was a labour of love, the love of music and the exploration of sound. This is the disc you want to relax with, to explore the corners of your own mind, and unwind -- to rejuvenate the soul. Terre Differenti is well worth the listen, again and again.

[ by Naomi de Bruyn ]
Rambles: 7 September 2002

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