Carol Thompson,
The Blossom & the Rain
(Dorian, 2000)

If you love soothing, contemplative music, you'll enjoy this CD. If you enjoy the Celtic harp, this CD will be doubly enjoyable. If you like traditional Irish arrangements, then you'll absolutely love it.

Fifteen out of the 22 tracks on The Blossom & the Rain are traditional Irish tunes, ranging from "Lament for Owen Rua" and "Derry Air (Danny Boy)" to "Tobin's Favorite." The others include traditional Scottish and Welsh music. The title track, "The Blossom and the Rain," is an original tune by Brian Peters, a British folk artist. However, it retains a very traditional feel to its arrangement.

Carol Thompson plays the Celtic harp very well, and she sticks to a classical presentation of the music in both her arrangements and performance. Listening to The Blossom & the Rain evokes the stately feel of a traditional drawing room of the 19th century as well as the more ancient image of a Celtic court.

The pieces Thompson has chosen for this album are soft and thoughtful -- or perhaps it is her use of the solo Celtic harp which makes her selections seem so. If you're looking for very spry reels, jiggy music, or something that taps your feet and moves your body, this CD is not it. However, if you're looking for something more traditional, that brings to mind the harping of our Celtic ancestry, this CD will be quite a treat.

Overall, I enjoyed this CD quite a bit. It made for good afternoon music while reading a book on a lazy Sunday. It's quiet and has a calming effect, and with the hectic life I've been leading lately, I need all the calmness I can get!

[ by Jade Falcon ]